Rock Bands around Los Angeles

  Synn at The Whiskey
  Red Shadow at The Roxy
  Chelsea Girls at The Roxy
  Slim Fit Baby
  Day Zero
  Love, She Wrote
  Mission to Felspar
  Symon Magus Band
  The Memory Rosary
  The Surfing Safaris
  Queen Kwong
  T.D. Lind
  Carina Alfie @ Baked Potato
  Loretta Soqui @ Pig & Whistle
  Sarah Jaye @ Pig and Whistle
  Chelsea Girls
  Love and a .38
  Pearl @ The Roxy
  Switchblade Kitty
  Spider Problems
  The Gravity Guild
  Dead Ponys
  Pearl @ Molly Malones

Bad Vic and the Good Intentions

  Adjoa Skinner
  Ghost Hounds @ Molly Malones
  Whiskey Saints @ Molly Malones
  Avenue C @ KilKinneys
  Switchblade Kitty @ The Dragonfly