Jeff Higgins Bio:

My experiences in photography are well rounded. I’ve been a freelance photographer for the local newspapers and magazines in the Colorado Springs area as well as video photographer for television both in Colorado and Florida. The knowledge I’ve gained through those medias brings a diverse prospective to my current photography here in Los Angeles, California.

To me, photography is the best way to document events in my life the way I see them. I kept this attitude through high school where I was able to take photography classes and learn the fundamentals of how a camera works, photography theory, and darkroom techniques. What I learned fascinated me, and from that point my life changed as I looked at most things as a photo opportunity. The equipment in my camera bag grew until I had multiple film cameras and a wide variety of lenses. I have made the transition to the digital format by making the Canon 50d my main tool of the trade. Along with excellent Canon glass this camera is awesome and allows me to do even more with this profession. Now my possibilities are endless.